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We are moving through loads of collective trauma right now. Know that you are not alone.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Tools For Staying Resourced

We are working through loads of collective trauma right now. It can be painful, scary, disorienting, but we are not alone.

What we are moving through collectively is intertwined with what kicks up in our personal journey. Some of what you are feeling may be connected to larger collective patterns that are shifting. Like large tectonic plates, they move subtly, slowly, under the ground, causing quakes to ripple through the earth. We are in a field of ripples right now. Quaking and vibrating. Shaking up traumas that have been submerged for many generations.

It's a lot for our bodies to hold. Here are some ways to orient that I find help move energy through.

Stay connected

Just simply moving through something together is an immense resource. It is said that larger energies, like grief and trauma, are too big for one body to hold. We need each other to let it move. Being connected and moving through this together is very important now. Leaning, sharing, or just simply spending time together is a natural and simple thing we can do to lessen the intensity.

Care for your body

Nurture yourself through movement, healthy food and sleep. This will make clearer pathways for what's moving to find its way more ease-fully.

Let yourself grieve

Find creative ways to express and let grief move. Pleasure is your friend. Music, art, dance, nature. What avenues of expression help open your heart so the song of grief can move through you?

Be compassionate towards yourself

Compassion and nurturing lets the body know it's safe to feel what's here- that it's okay, not shameful, and whatever is moving can find it's way held in love.

Open your heart

We are truly moving through this together. If you can, feel into this space- can you feel the other hearts moving through this too? There is a doorway in the heart space where we are all connected. Tune in here and see what you find.

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