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The Beauty of a Reiki Session

Healing is... coming into a sense of coherence

We need a loving energy to allow our systems, and our sense of self to organize towards coherence.

This goes for development, and healing (whole-ing) as well.If there are places in our development and our history that haven’t reflected us in this way, or places that are not reflecting us this way now, we may hang on to these energies and recreate them internally, or even externally.

If we trace back, moments when these ruptures occurred stem from incoherence in the first place. We are all working on coming into more coherence.

Through the practice of Reiki, and energy healing generally, we call in a loving universal energy, and embody it through our presence, to meet places in us experiencing incoherence. This allows these places to experience reorganization held in a loving field.

Our energy starts to move more coherently We let go of negative charge and feel ourselves again We can release what’s meant to be released And reclaim what needs to be integrated We begin to move more fluidly and in tune with us

Somatic sessions call forth the same loving presence. Here, we meet eye to eye, and use breath and awareness to meet all that’s arising. In a Reiki session, clients can receive direct contact and experience this loving energy channeling through the hands, where we will meet memories and incoherencies directly in the body field. This can be a great wonderful tool on its own, and offer a great support to somatic processing.

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