Philosophies on Healing
My passion is in helping you find and embody your power and your truth, on all levels of being.

Free-flowing aliveness is our natural state. It is also our birthright. As we navigate being human, a number of things can lead us to forget ourselves. We may experience symptoms such as numbness, depression, anxiety, or feelings of dissatisfaction. These symptoms are such important signals, and, we do not have to live our lives from them. We can follow these symptoms as signposts, guiding the way back to our power; an anchoring place from which we can all begin to rediscover our aliveness and embody our many gifts.

My passion is in helping you find and embody your power and your truth, on all levels of being. With deep listening and attunement for the path that you, uniquely, walk; I am here to meet you on this journey of stepping into all that is truly you.


In our sessions, you can expect to experience a safe and sacred space for discovery, integrating somatic psychotherapy with spiritual wisdom and energetic sight. We will weave and resonate our way toward the root of what may be calling out for help, while celebrating the beautiful creation that you are.

  • MA Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Dance/Movement Therapy, Naropa University

  • Somatic Experiencing 3-year Professional Training, SE Trauma Institute

  • EMDR Practitioner 

  • Luminous Awareness Practitioner 

Additional Trainings

  • Luminous Awareness Lineage Path and Advanced Practitioner Program (In Progress).

  • Adult Attachment Repair workshop with Peter Cummings

  • The Way of the Shaman, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Boulder, CO 

  • Train the Trainer, Circling Facilitation Training, Integral Center, Boulder, CO


Boulder, CO


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