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Somatic Psychotherapy


The amazing inner world of our bodies can be accessed just through shining this light of our awareness on its happenings. There is a whole world inside of us that is not often tended to in our modern habits. We can discover its wonders as well as its keys to unlocking our true identities through bringing our awareness into the body and allowing it to guide us in getting to know ourselves more deeply, welcoming and loving all that is there, finding immense amounts of pleasure and connection, and utilizing its wisdom to open up and reclaim the places that have become stuck, frozen, fragmented, or stopped moving in their natural expression in some way. This all translates to our sense of enjoyment, self connection, and well-being in the world. Our thoughts may lessen or shift to more pleasant ones as we work on this level.

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EMDR Therapy


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) uses bi-lateral (left and right brain) dual attention (past and present) stimulation to kickstart the brain and body's ability to integrate memories in a healthy way. EMDR is a powerful modality for reprocessing trauma which supports the body's natural intelligence to discover a felt sense of internal well being in places that have typically felt overwhelming, unpleasant, painful or scary. 

Somatic Experiencing


Somatic Experiencing is a model for healing trauma that focuses on building balance and ease in the nervous system, and an embodied sense of well-being in order to make it possible to release stored traumatic memory in the form of energy or charge. As we build our ability to feel stable, connected, and resourced, difficult memories and experiences can move through like ripples in a pond. We can reclaim these places in ourselves, feeling fuller and more powerful than before. 

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Soul Level Work 

The soul is the “you” spark, the big you, the one who has the blueprint for your fullest expression. It is the one in you who knows your truest form, and who is here, witnessing, all of the time. We work with this layer of your "self", following its guidance for what in you is ready to move, release, find alignment, etc. The soul level is the one in you who lets us know what work is to be done and how energy would like to move. It is the one you are coming home to. As we embark on your journey home to yourself, we will weave in somatic and energetic modalities to aid energy to move, trauma to release, and clear the pathways for stepping into your empowerment. 

There are doorways to our fullest expression that live in our soma (body), and energy field (subtle body). Using the soul's wisdom as our guide, we use both of these avenues for expanding into your gifts, being with and coaxing open energetic densities, or places the body or self expression has lost its natural movement or rhythm.

We can go straight to the source through our bodies and energy systems. Luckily, we do not have to rummage around in our thoughts and our stories to do counseling, although sometimes these offer doorways as well. Our sessions will utilize a mixture of talking and exploring the body and energy body through awareness. You are invited to be in and have your experience as it is happening in the moment. We will  work with sensations, breath patterns, postures, movement, emotions, thoughts, as well as verbal reflection to unlock the true you. 

Energy Healing 


Everything is energy. The energy field is a powerful level of our existence that can not only impact the form and function of the body, but also connects us to our spiritual selves. Through weaving this pathway with somatic work, we can address the nervous system, musculature, breathing and movement patterns, as well as the energy pathways that make changes on these levels possible.The energy field is kind of like the field behind our form, the place where it arises from. It is a more initial and essential aspect of ourselves. Change that happens here trickles down into our habits and somatic experience. Just like we can tune into our inner somatic world through listening and awareness, so too we can open up the wonders of our energetic selves through inviting it as part of our awareness. 

We need a loving energy to allow our systems and our sense of self to organize towards coherence. In energetic sessions, you have the opportunity to relax and be held in a loving, coherent field, where you, and the material you are working with will receive direct contact in the body field. 

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