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There is a spark that brought us here. There is a way of being and moving that is home to us. It’s not the way of the world. It’s our way.

Soul Reflection Healing Arts

Somatic Psychotherapy & Intuitive Healing


I have experienced high sense perception from an early age, which has led me to explore a diverse range of internal and relational terrain throughout my life. I understand the dark places we can go. I understand the function and how these unwind. This dance is a part of navigating being here. And we are here for so much more. Each of us has come for a reason, and brings unique qualities to contribute to the collective. Even if we don’t know why we chose to be here, there is a spark within us that is waiting to be listened to and it can bring us where we need to go. This quality comes from our essential nature. It is our impulse to be alive. It is also the one who heals us.


We are layered beings. In our work together, we will work with this spark within you and the place it arises from. We will let it inform us on how to find healing in places of trauma, fragmentation, and forgetting. Any difficulty can be traced back to this essential place.


How I Can

Help You

Using the soul's wisdom as our guide, we use somatic, energetic, and verbal doorways to expand into your gifts, and be with and coax open places the body or self expressi...
Somatic Psychotherapy Session
1 h
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